Wall City, a Novel by S. H. Butler

Available now at Amazon.com, free to Kindle Unlimited users.

Visit the listing page to preview the first chapter.

When Deven’s best friend Chuck convinces him to steal an exotic pet jaguar and sneak into the squalid slum of Wall City for cool illegal implants, he expects the night to go badly. He expects filth, crime, and radiation from the nearby nuclear disaster site. Chuck says they can handle it. Deven believes him. But when they wake up hours later deep within the dregs of Wall City with their faces butchered, the big cat missing, and all of their money gone, they know they’re in trouble. Unable to afford desperately needed medical care without their money, they follow a string of leads deep into the lawless, irradiated district in the hopes of recovering what was stolen. Along the way they uncover a mafia power struggle, a cult of nuclear contamination, and a radioactive artifact buried deep within the dead reactor core that promises both immortality and death.


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